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Here, in chronological order, is a list of What's New on the HollyBank website. Click on the link to be taken straight to the article, the table or the images. This is where your contribution will appear, when it first arrives. Just Contact Peter.




 21 January
Teacher Education at Huddersfield 1947-2007: This new book by Mike Cook (with much help from Peter Frankland), Roy Fisher and Martyn Walker, traces the story of Technical Teacher Training in Huddersfield. There is, of course, particular emphasis on the Holly Bank Road site from its foundation by Director Alexander MacLennan to its demolition in 2001.

 The Book of 60 Years

 6 February

The View from Ian Farrington: Ian writes: 'Between 1988 and 1997, I was a minor cog in the Huddersfield Educational Adventure Experiment, or HEAVE as we didn't actually know it then.' In this vein, he goes on to share with us his view of Holly Bank from the Outside, from Andragogy to Bureaucracy.

 Ian's View

1 December

 Martin Wiltshire's Cartoons: Here are six of the best of the cartoons Martin produced during his time on the Sheffield In-Service Course in 1986/88. They all demonstrate wit and insight and none more so that the sixth which is even more pertinent today.

 Cartoons from Wiltshire

15 November

Williamsons in India: Here are three images from India: Barry at the Taj Mohla in 1972; a staff training session at the Bhopal (Madhyar Pradesh) TTTI and Margaret outside the Madras (now Chennai) TTTI in 2005 when we were not allowed in! 

 In India

 6 November

Mel and Kay on Camera: South Tyneside Centre Tutors Mel Walsh and Kay Davison, along with Barry Williamson at Residential Weekend, a feature of the coure in those days. 

 Mel & Kay Photo

27 October

More Photographs: A few more photographs have been added in the following Galleries: HollyBank/Tutors: Younger and Older Maclennan; Barry in and around HollyBank. HollyBank/Buildings: A postcard with 4 views of the College at its zenith. Add yours by Contacting Peter.

 HollyBank Tutors

HollyBank Buildings

27 October

College Magazine, 1963: This is the ultimate trip down memory lane for those with memories long enough to make the journey and for those who want to know how it used to be. The extracts include: The complete staff list (23, including a certain PB Frankland); An introduction by the Director, Alexander MacLennan; Student Ken Wilson's editorial; 'Life at t'Tech or Chalk in one's Handbag' by student ML Hughes; An anonymous poem 'Library Exercises'; and 'Highland Interlude', an acocunt of climbing in the Isle of Skye by student Barry Williamson. 

 College Magazine 1963

  Mike Guggenheim's List of Centres as at the End of HollyBank (2001): Mike Guggenheim, the Course Leader for the In-Service Certificate and PostGraduate Certificate of Eudcation at the time, has given us this very detailed list of Centres. The information includes, for the first time, full details of the organisation and contact details for HollyBank and for each centre. Staffing details include the names of the College Principal, Centre Manager, Liaison Tutor, Course Leaders and Members of the Core Team.

 Mike Guggenheim's List

27 October

Extramural Centres from 1966 to 2001: Thanks to Peter's hard work, this comprehensive list of Centres, by region, gives their start and end dates, their involvement with Leeds University, CNAA and the Huddersfield University CATS awards for Cert Ed, PGCE, DipFE, BEd and BA. For amendments and additions, please Contact Peter

 Centres from 1966 to 2001

12 September

The First Photographs: Just for a start, we've come up with a few photographs in 4 Galleries: 'HollyBank Tutors' (Peter and Barry, so far); 'Centre Students' (as they look today), 'HollyBank Buildings' (as they were being knocked down) and images of the Durham Centre (as it looks today). Click on a photo to enlarge it, and then run a slide show. We look forward to sharing your photographs. Contact Peter!

HB Tutors


HB Buildings

Durham Buildings

 12 September

The Complete List of Centres: Peter and Barry have started this off by combining their memories on the In-Service Certificate in Education. We have counted 53 extramural centres so far: can you add any more centres or add dates and comments to our list? 

 53 Extramural Centres

12 September

A Brief History of HollyBank: Initially compiled by Peter Frankland and Barry Williamson, we know that you can contribute your knowledge to this summary of HollyBank's life. We start at the very beginning with the birth of Alexander MacLennan in Glasgow in 1908 and end with the bulldozers in 2001.

 A Brief History

5 September

Barry Williamson's 1971 Curriculum: This article, written in 1971, contains a proposal for an In-service Certificate in Eudcation  programme based on experience of working at the Durham extra-mural centre.

 Barrry's Ideas

28 August


HollyBank, A Coincidental History: Peter Frankland explores two 60th Anniversaries: the founding of modern India and Pakistan and the founding of HollyBank.

A Coincidental History

28 August

HollyBank Tutors: For the very first time, here is a more or less complete list of tutors who worked at HollyBank between 1947 and 2001. Please Contact Peter if you have any additions.
28 August


HollyBank Support Staff:  For the very first time, here is a more or less complete list of support staff who worked at HollyBank between 1947 and 2001. Please Contact Peter if you have any additions.
28 August


Barry Remembers Mac: Barry Williamson, former student and tutor at HollyBank, reminisces about his relationship with Alexander MacLennan, the charismatic founding Director of the Huddersfield College of Education (Technical) who built the HollyBank Campus.