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Peter & Barry Welcome You Back to HollyBank!!
A Website in Tribute to the Huddersfield College of Education (Technical), later Huddersfield Polytechnic's 'School of Education', and to its Life and Times on the Hollybank Road Site

To mark its 60th AnniverPeter_Frankland_(HollyBank).JPGsary, here is a new website for staff and students of 'HollyBank', the affectionate name for the College once located on Hollybank Road in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The College trained thousands of lecturers working, or planning to work, in further and higher education in the UK and throughout the world. The College grew to form the heart of a network of over 50 extramural centres, based in colleges of further and higher education across Northern and Eastern England.

Contributions (words and/or images) are very welcome from any former staff and students willing to share their experiences of HollyBank or any of its centres. Please just Contact Peter (above, left). Rebecca Watts, working from her home-on-stilts high in the tropical rain forest above Cairns in northern Queensland, has created this website in association with Peter Frankland and Barry Williamson.

will act as Editor for the website; Barry is involved in developing its initial structure and content. Peter and Barry each spent their working careers at HollyBank; each reached the dizzy heights of Principal Lecturer; each worked mainly on the In-Service Certificate of Education and its many extramural centres; each spent long periods in India and other countries, training staff in sister colleges; and each retired in the 1990's having played a major role in the development of new curricula based on CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer ScHollyBank_2001_c.jpgheme). 

After retirement, Peter worked in Botswana and retained his links with China. Barry (right, at the HollyBank Road building site) became a full-time traveller with his wife Margaret, roaming the world by motorhome and bicycle (visit: www.magbaztravels.com).

Among much else, former staff and students have the opportunity to remake contact and everyone is invited to add their memories and commentary to this memorial to a great institution. 

Peter Frankland and Barry Williamson
August 2007
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